// 02/20/20 The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto, ON. CANADA

// 06/07/19, Elektra International Digital Art Festival, Perte de Signal, Montreal, QC. CANADA

// 03/01/18, The Chazan Family Gallery, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. USA

// 11/03/17, Worldbuilding, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON

// 07/20/17, Gallery DOS, Seoul, Republic of Korea


// 07/20/17, Gallery DOS, Seoul, Republic of Korea



// 07/04/17

Korean carved stone starmap made during Joseon Dynasty, Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido, "chart of the constellations and the regions they govern" circa 14th century:




// 08/22/16

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: 3D polar projection as animated gif


// 10/30/15

The flow of particles as described by Steven Gubser where an electron (e-) produces virtual particles: photons (y), positrons (e+), and more electrons. The cascade of particles is slow enough to keep track of mathematically:


// 10/30/15

The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP)



// 02/28/15


// 02/28/12


// 02/03/11




///// "Virtual Orreries", 3D printed casings, custom electronics including custom programmed Raspberry Pi's, 7.5" HD LCD screens, custom shelf, and animations: 'The Frequency of Space/Time', 'An Alternate Framework', 'Alpha Centauri', 2014



////// "North of the Blue Line", Brush Gallery, St. Lawrence University, Janurary 15 - February 21, 2015, Canton, NY



////// "3D Sculptural Video", Trinity Square Video, September 13th - October 17th, 2014, Toronto, ON


// 2/27/15



////// "The New Romantics", Eyebeam: Center for Art & Technology, April 17th - May 10th, 2014, New York, NY



////// "Better Than Universe", Daegu Art Factory, November 22nd - December 15th, 2013, Daegu, South Korea



// 01/09/12



////// May 15, 2013, "Rendering Time: Alex Lee & Claudia Hart", Gallery DOS, Seoul, Republic of Korea



// 01/09/12, Kepler Star to Planet Transit Simulations



////// A Small Binary System + A Large Binary System:



// 02/28/11


// 01/09/12




//////April 6th, 2012, Temporalities, Gallery DOS, Seoul, Republic of Korea:






//////April 1st, 2011, The Real-Fake, California State University, Sacramento, CA:





///////May 15th, 2009: MFA Thesis Show, Ryerson Gallery, Chicago, Illinois:





//////April 21st, 2009: Mio Contemporary, Osaka, Japan:





/////February 7th, 2009: Epic Theater, February Gallery, Chicago, Illinois: