An Alternate Framework

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"An Alternate Framework", 30 second excerpt of 11 minute looping 3D animation, sound composed by artist Erin Gee, 2013


An Alternate Framework is a looping 3D animation involving a simulation of orbiting planetary bodies. It presents a situation impossible to known astrophysics - playing off our known understanding of the framework of our Universe and utilizing the possibilities of simulation.

The landscape, reminiscent of the Cartesian-Coordnate system, is a reference to the grid and measurement. It serves as a practical aid for the viewer in order to gauge the level of water as it changes throughout the animation.

An Alternate Framework presents a system of impossibility, a reference to the sublime and awe - which comes from the attempt at knowledge at a system that is terrifyingly complex. Sound is composed by fellow artist Erin Gee. It utilizes remixed sounds initially recorded by the Cassini mission amongst other audio recordings of space.




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