Haeshigae (for Proust)

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"Haeshigae (for Proust)", two-channel, 3D animation, stereo sound, 1 minute excerpt of 100 minutes, looping infinitely, 2012




Haeshigae (for Proust) is a two-channel animation of the virtual recreation of an ancient clock, the Korean Sundial (originally developed during the Joseon Dynasty), covered with Facebook posts collected from various friends over the course of three months. An aggregated simulation of sunlight passing over the course of a season (without nighttime situations) creates a cast shadow that indicates the passage of time. The frames of the animation advances every second in real time allowing the animation to be utilized as a true timepiece (by seconds), but also abstracting the concept of time and the virtual-tying it to the archive of texts associated with a users Facebook page.





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animation with two custom framed LCD screens with shelf
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