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The early 21st century is an exciting moment for digital art with significant advancements in computer animation, game design and VR/AR/IR/MR. The software tools and workflows have become significantly easier, more ubiquitous and better understood within the visual lexicon. Because of this, I see tremendous synergistic potential in a transdisciplinary approach to these media sourced from various disciplines across the humanities, arts and the sciences. Since 2018, I have been pursuing larger-scale research projects which are truly interdisciplinary in spirit by collaborating with experts in the field. I am interested in exploiting the potential of these mediums in the doing and communicating of hard science as well as facilitating a just and more equitable society.

The projects displayed on this page are the result of a human-centered, interdisciplinary interpretive design process with various experts. Interpretive design is key in the research proposal as well as developing a research product which is aesthetically innovative while holding true to the mandate of the project. Upper division research assistants contribute to portions of the project and my task is similar to an art director where I am responsible for the overall interpretation of the content on hand. I oftentimes am in the trenches with my students, assisting in technical aspects of development, fixing an issue and helping to debug where needed. Starting from inception, these large scale projects take anywhere from several months to a few years for a completed deliverable.

Collaborative Research Projects

Improving Neuroscience Undergraduate STEM Education
Unity Meta XR Higher Education Grant
in collaboration with Dr. Lauren Petley, Dr. Johndan Johnson-Eiola
Expected start date Summer 2023

Artificial Autonomous Readymade Agents
reinforcement learning using Unity and Tensorflow via Python/Anaconda
in consulation with Dr. Sofian Audry
aggregated result of various training sessions and heuristics.
Research member with 'Reshape' research cluster (Hexagram Montreal)

"Stories from the Cirlce: Augmented Perspectives on a Syracuse Monument",
a collaborative Digital Humanities project with Dr. Lisa Propst, Dr. Jennifer Ball, Dr. Christopher Robinson, Dr. Phillip White-Cree, Dr. Rebecca Pelke (Humanities & Social Sciences Department at Clarkson University), 2022


"The Hudson River Ecosystem: An Immersive Animation". Made in collaboration with Dr. Peter Turner, with consultation from Dr. Michael Twiss (biology), technical assistance from Marcus Moser and James Guyder, a compiled excerpt, 2020



VR-based cognitive psychology experiment with Schuyler Meyer in collaboration with Dr. Andreas Wilke, Noah Chicoine, and Megan Porga (Psychology Department at Clarkson University),2019


DEC Digital Humanities Grant Proposal with technical assistance from Schuyler Meyer and Marcus Moser in collaboration with Dr. Lisa Propst, Dr. Jennifer Ball, Dr. Christopher Robinson (Humanities & Social Sciences Department at Clarkson University), 2018

Allison Montroy (graduate Data Analytics), McHenry Project in collaboration with
The Institute for STEM Education & Beacon Institute
Clarkson University 2017