Soliloquy for Sagan

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Soliloquy for Sagan, 7-channel sound, 3D animation, 9:18, 2015


Soliloquy for Sagan is a single-channel 3D animation evoking concepts & representations found in astrophysics & astrobiology. The animation suggests DNA, the atoms that comprise liquid water, light waves, Messier Deep Sky objects, and the range of objects that encompass our current range of understanding of our reality.

Dialogue for Soliloquy for Sagan is taken from ‘The Varieties of Scientific Experience” by Carl Sagan. Selected passages focus on the poetic and noblest aspects of his writing. Selected sound effects are taken from sonifications of space initially recorded by instrumentation within Voyager I and Voyager II space missions – a program heralded by Sagan. Soliloquy for Sagan is conceived as a homage to Sagan and the message he gave about humanity’s place within the Cosmos.


The artist would like to thank the Institute for Electronic Arts for the use of their studios for sound mastering and video effects. Special thanks to Devin Henry for his assistance.


click images below for high-res stills