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Reflections on Montreal's Elektra Festival, Ger Zielinski, NECSUS, 2019

Elektra Celebrates Art at the Intersection of Humanity & Technology, Nora Rosenthal, Cult MTL, 2019

Using Virtual Reality to Study Human Foraging Behavior, 60th Psychonomic Society, Montreal, QC Canada, 2019

Future Perfect, 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts & Technology, Ammerman Center, 2018

VR and the Failure of Self-Help Technology by Tatum Dooley, Canadian Art, 2017

Reach Out and Touch this Virtual Reality Art Installation, Smithsonian Magazine, 2017

Empty Vessels || Vulnerable Bodies, The Wrong Biennale, Doreen Rios, ARTHOUSENT Gallery, 2017

New Romantics, interview by Nicolas O'Brien, Metaverse Creativity, 2014

Changing What Video Art Can Be, by Bryne McLaughlin, Canadian Art Review, 2014